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PLEASE INCLUDE LINK TO “‘the Stag Lord’s Fort’ from Kingmaker: Stolen Land”

Bandit King’s Curse
Scout by Land (DC 10): Some sort of fortification is off in the distance, surrounded by a rough palisade and set upon a hill.
Scout by Air (DC 5): There is a ruined tower from a bygone age set upon one of the hills, although movement in the ruins and the recently-built fortifications around it suggest that it’s quite inhabited.
Knowledge (History) DC 15: The building predates Tymon, meaning that the ruins are likely NOT being used in an official capacity.
Knowledge (Architecture and Engineering) DC 15: The fortifications were not made by professionals. They appear to be cobbled together by amateur architects through trial-and-error.
Use “the Stag Lord’s Fort” from Kingmaker: Stolen Land, but there’s no real important differentiation in the rooms; it just serves as a platform for any combat encounter.

Bandit King Karstag Baristol is having a bad day. On a raid gone sour about a month back, he picked up a Biting Battleaxe and has had difficulty getting any of his underlings to willingly take it from him, even his confidant and sometimes lover, the vicious cleric Jala Vermine. However, the Gambit has given him a wonderful opportunity, and one he intends to freely exploit. When player characters approach, he opens the gates to the compound, and moves to address them with open arms.

“[Gentlemen/Ladies/Ladies and Gentlemen], welcome to my humble abode. I’m Karstag Baristol, local adventurer, mercenary, and ne’er-do-well. These are my merry men, this is my lady, and this is my challenge to you:

To the one who can defeat me in single combat, I bequeath my magic axe. But if one of you can defeat me, I take your weapon. It’s for a collection, see, and I’m quite the collector. Do we have a deal?"

If they do not, in fact, have a deal, Karstag doesn’t risk hurting his allies and losing the battle by fighting with the axe, and instead backs off and closes the doors again. He can always offload it on another foolish adventurer. If the deal is struck, Karstag puts up a good fight (intentionally going nonlethal, as appropriate), making use of his Spring Attack feat to minimize the amount of full attacks (and thus, attacks on himself) that he has to make. Similarly, his underlings give him a wide berth.

If the “victorious” PC who claimed the axe comes back later for recompense, the gates are closed, everyone is armed with heavy crossbows, and Karstag laughs his ass off at the offending PCs before his entire gang fights a defensive battle.

Bandit King Karstag Baristol
Use the General NPC, but sub out his fighter bonuses, weapon focus, and weapon specialization in polearms/glaives for greataxes, and give him a Biting Battleaxe on the first encounter and a +1 Greataxe on the second. https://sites.google.com/site/pathfinderogc/bestiary/npc-s/npc-10/general-human-fighter-11

Jala Vermine
Use the Wrath Priest, but give her cure spells prepared at every level to offset her negative channeling. If the ruse is successful, her +1 greataxe goes to Karstag and she uses a masterwork greataxe: https://sites.google.com/site/pathfinderogc/bestiary/npc-s/npcs-cr-1/wrath-priest-half-orc-cleric-of-rovagug-8

Bandit Gang (3)
Use the Greatclub barbarian, but un-masterwork their items, remove their potions, and give them all heavy crossbows as well: https://sites.google.com/site/pathfinderogc/bestiary/npc-s/npc-3/huodatha

6 greatclubs
6 sets of masterwork studded leather
6 heavy crossbows and 120 bolts
masterwork greataxe
+1 greataxe
amulet of natural armor 1
+1 half-plate
wooden unholy symbol of Gorum
2 alchemist’s fires
6 potions of cure serious wounds (2 on Jala), 1 potion of cure light wounds and 1 potion of expeditions retreat (on Karstag)
+1 full plate with cold iron armor spikes
belt of giant strength +2
cloak of resistance +2
ring of protection +1
3,455 gold pieces
Masterwork composite longbow (4 str)


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