Scout: its hard to be sure if it is true or mirage, but an oasis sits in the depths of this hot, unforgiving desert.

The road through the desert here is only lightly traveled and poorly marked, requiring a DC 15 survival check against becoming lost

Whether lost or not, the PCs come upon an oasis in the desert with palm trees and clear water. The water looks like a cool respite from the otherwise harsh climate and a DC 15 Survival check reveals that oasis are freshwater and usually good for drinking a DC 20 check reveals that this water seems off and a DC 25 check finds a dead rabbit off in the desert a ways that clearly died of disease (with a DC 10 heal check it is reconizable as the bubonic plague. If the PCs jump into the pool or drink from it, roll fort saves behind the screen against the disease. If the PCs jump into the pool, they are immediately attacked, otherwise the Daughters of Urgathoa in the pool waits until she is discovered, or at least two PCs have consumed her disease. If the PCs search the pool itself the two undead rise from the pool to attack them. Add 3 deflection AC for the Precasted Shield of Faith. They must cast contagion or remove curse at least once each, to give a DPS break to the PCs

+1 Vicious Scythe
+1 Mithral Agile Breastplate
Cloak of Resistance 2
Headband of Wisdom +2
Wand of Cure Serious Wounds with 11 charges remaining
Pearl of Power (3rd level)


Totally Not GG N0S13NM