Blind Swordsage
AC 42

1d10 + 1d6 + 22

cant see outside of 30 feet

DC 25 Perception: he is scrying on all of the teams and you can know the terrain of each other group, though you cannot make out which group is where.

Challenges to duel on bridge, on accept full heal and ability damage

The terms of the duel are:
1. Stay on the bridge
2. Hit me once
3. I defeat you all non-leathally
4. No magic
5. After the duel I will return you to full health

If they hit him once he stops the fight and offers them a contingency spell keyed to any major Cleric healing or buff spell (GM Discretion)as well as a good look into his river wide scrying pool.
If the PC’s continue to attack, he casts Dictum and offers the PC’s 60 seconds to leave his sight (30 ft). If they still continue to attack, he fights to the death and the PC’s may loot his corpse if they are lucky enough to defeat him.

+2 ring of Prot
+2 Natural Armor amulet
+3 Bracers of Armor
Vest of SR 19
+2 Merciful Brilliant Energy Katana
Scroll of Contingency


Totally Not GG N0S13NM