Sleeping Without a Full Camp

Bloodsport is a exhausting affair, and between concerns of staying light and the urgency of a dangerous situation, PCs may find themselves without the proper gear for setting up a campsite.

A PC who spends four consecutive phases without sleeping becomes fatigued; this fatigue cannot be relieved via magic. A PC who spends six or more consecutive phases without sleeping is exhausted until they get a good night’s sleep.

If a PC spends the night resting, have them make a DC 5 Constitution check with circumstantial penalties to the check for each of the following which they lack:

Soft place to rest (Bedroll): -4
Heat (Campfire or Endure Elements): -4
Shelter (Tent, Cave, or structure): -4

The Endurance feat provides a +4 to this check.

Failing the check by 4 or less results in the PC being fatigued for the next day; failing the check by 5 or more results in the PC spending the next phase exhausted, followed by fatigue until rest.

Sleeping Without a Full Camp

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