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Quicksand is a hazard most commonly found in the swampy southeastern portions of the map. A character with Tremorsense can instantly detect patches of quicksand, but other characters must make a DC 15 Survival check to notice its presence, and even then only if they are paying attention specifically to their surroundings. Alternatively, if they know that quicksand is in the area (such as from an ally warning them), the DC is reduced to 8, and they can spot it in combat if they take a move action that passes within 5ft of a Quicksand patch (Run and Charge actions do not allow this check). Quicksand triggers after a character moves 10ft into a pool.

Effects of Quicksand: Characters in quicksand must make a DC 10 Swim check every round to simply tread water in place, or a DC 15 Swim check to move 5 feet in whatever direction is desired. If a trapped character fails this check by 5 or more, he sinks below the surface and begins to drown whenever he can no longer hold his breath (see the Swim skill description in Using Skills). If the trapped character reaches the edge of a pool of quicksand, he can pull himself out with either a DC 20 Swim check or a DC 15 Strength check. Failure results in a round of treading water.

Characters below the surface of quicksand may swim back to the surface with a successful Swim check (DC 15, +1 per consecutive round of being under the surface).

Rescue: Pulling out a character trapped in quicksand can be difficult. A rescuer needs a branch, spear haft, rope, or similar tool that enables him to reach the victim with one end of it, but the rescuer can make the trapped character’s Strength checks for him. A DC 10 check moves the trapped character 5 ft towards the edge, a DC 15 fully rescues them.


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