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DC 10 Scout by Land: There is a ragged shipwreck beached on the lakeside.
DC 20 Scout by Air: The shipwreck is covered in tiny, writhing crabs, and there are bronze machine parts scattered in the sand.
DC 25 Architecture and Engineering: The machine parts appear to belong to a large construct.
DC 30 Arcana: Those are spare parts for an apparatus of the crab. Oh god.
This is the wreck of a ship on the coast (use the ship from “The Brinewall Legacy”). When approached, the crab swarms attack on round 1, then the shark-eating crabs on round 2, then the two gnomes in the apparatus on round 3, screaming “WE ARE ONE WITH THE CRABS” and other catchphrases loudly. This particular apparatus has an openable arrow slit, through which the gnomes fire a rod of wonder every round. If they are certain to lose, the gnomes quaff their potions of invisibility and bail.

Shark-Eating Crabs(2)
Crab Swarms (3)
Gnome Crab-Tamers
Use “Street Illusionist” Wizard from NPC Codex

Apparatus of the Crab with 4 potions of cure critical wounds inside.
Variant Rod of Wonder: refluff all effects as being nautically-themed.


Totally Not GG TwoDee