Scout: riverlands, the waters here teem with fish.

An eerily pitch black creature is fishing in the river (Knowledge Arcana 15 it appears to be an eidolon, which are never separated from their masters)(Knowledge Arcana 25 unfettered eidolons are almost always hostile). If the PC’s approach the creature, it is chained up with a chain made of a darkly colored metal leading to the river (DC 10 appraise reveals that it is adamantine). If the PC’s come within 100 ft or shoot at the creature from a range, the sahuagin are alerted and 10 of them start the attack in blood frenzy while the Sahuagin Lord (blood frenzy not worked into stats, but is used), looses the eidolon from its anchor.

The Unfettered Eidolon spends round one attacking any sahuagin who place themselves between the PC’s and the beast, but on round two, the Sahuagin Lord emerges from the water, plugging it with a +1 Shock Bolt to remind it who its masters are.

From then on the creatures attack the PC’s normally, except the Sahuagin Lord replaces one of its claws with Shock Toungue (rework to deal shock damage).

Shock Tongue
potion of cure moderate wounds, potion of protection from arrows bracers of armor +1, masterwork heavy crossbow with 14 bolts and +1 shock bolts (4), 136 gp,
Among the 10 sahuagin, the PCs find 43 human teeth, a half eaten salmon, 10 tridents, 10 Heavy Crossbows, an Amulet of Natural Armor, and 7 Potions of Cure Light Wounds


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