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Lizardfolk Village
Scout by Land only: DC 15 Survival notices quicksand, failure results in getting caught in quicksand.
Scout by Land/Air – out of the mist, you are able to see what appears to be a village built on stilts in the muck-filled swamp. Though you are still fairly far away, you can see shapes wading through the knee-high water and standing watch around the perimeter. (DC 20 Perception) The humanoid figures in the mist seem to be reptilian in nature, with varying coloration and strong tails. In fact, there are several more figures swimming through the swamps nearby the village.

If the PCs approach the village, the Lizardfolk guards bellow a warning call before demanding that “the man-apes must leave the Realm of Virvaxis! Go, and never come back! This will be your only warning before we attack!”

No matter what action the PCs take, they will be shadowed by a series of 4 level 6 Lizardfolk Rangers (Favored Enemy Human +4, Animal +2) out of the swamp at a range of 80 feet (Perception DC 34). If the PCs camp elsewhere in the hex, or if the PCs attack the town, the four rangers fight alongside the Lizardfolk Chief and his Shaman. The majority of this hex is made of swampy ground (difficult terrain), but some dry ground does exist. Lizardfolk may

(3) Lizardfolk Ranger 6
Init 7; Perception +15
HP 45
AC 18 (10 +4 Dragonscale Hide +3 DEX +1 Dodge) +Mobility
Fort +8
Ref +8
Will +4
CMD 22
OFFENSE (Favored Enemy Humans 4, Animals 2)
Composite(3) Longbows +1 +7/
7/2 1d88+poison (Black Adder DC 11 1d2 CON)
Macehuitl (Mwk) 10/5 1d84
Abilities: STR 16, CON 14, DEX 16, WIS 14, INT 10, CHA 8

Lizardfolk Chief Arvalax
Half Black Dragon Lizardfolk Fighter 8
Init 3; Perception +10
HP 101
AC 25 (10 + 10 Full Plate + 1 DEX + 2 Ring of Protection + 2 Amulet of Nat Armor)
Fort +12
Refl +7
Will +10 (1 free reroll Improved Iron Will)
CMD 30
+2 Corrosive Spear +20/
12 1d8+1d6+24
and Bite 11 1d612
Breath Weapon 8d6 line of acid DC 18 reflex for half damage
Abilities: STR 26, CON 18, DEX 12, INT 10, WIS 14, CHA 10

3 +1 Adaptive Longbows
+2 Corrosive Spear
+2 Dragonhide Full Plate of Shadow
60 poisoned arrows with Black Adder Venom
Wand of Keen Edge 10
Ring of Acid Resistance 20
Belt of Constitution +2


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