Lakeside Village

At the edge of the lake is a small fishing village, whose inhabitants greet the PC’s coridally, but are not excessively friendly towards them (Initial Attitude Unfriendly). A DC 10 Sense Motive Check reveals that the villagers are afraid of the Gambit and the destruction it brings, even with Tymon’s offer of compensation for any damages. If no Diplomacy checks (DC 20 for Indifferent, DC 25 for Friendly) are made, the entire village does its best to quickly and peacefully remove the PCs from the village – going so far as to offer 10 man-days worth of salted fish and an old nag named Lucky (INT 4 Horse – absolutely retarded horse, but smart enough to run away at top pace in the face of danger; understands common) to help carry their gear to Tymon. So long as the villager’s attitude is below indifferent, PCs may not purchase or sell equipment here, and so long as the attitude is below friendly, they may not rest in the city itself (they may camp in the same hex, just not the village proper).

If the PC’s raise a villager’s attitude to indifferent and ask for information, he/she will direct them to Maakor, a male undine druid with long hair and a long beard both braided with seaweed, and a calm, passive personality (N undine male druid [aquatic druid, nature’s bond: aquatic domain] 10). Maakor’s initial attitude towards the PC’s is also Indifferent, but if Maakor discovers that a party member is a druid, a ranger with an aquatic companion, a worshiper of Gozreh, or possesses some unique bond to water or water magic, his attitude will improve by one step (this can only happen once, and occurs immediately upon his discovery).

If the party re-sanctified the Shrine of Gozreh in M01, Maakor’s attitude becomes Helpful (if Maakor is Hostile or Unfriendly at the time of discovery, he becomes Indifferent).

By spending time talking to Maakor or villagers and gathering information, the party learns that an enormous monster lives in the lake. The villagers refer to the monster reverentially as “The Guardian,” but Maakor affectionately revers to it as Hekaton. A DC 20 Knowledge (Nature) check is enough to identify the beast as a Giant Lake Octopus based on the information from the villagers, but Maakor is willing to outright tell a friendly (but not helpful) party about Hekaton. Either way, the PCs learn that it is extremely territorial, and attacks anybody who dives too deep into the lake. Maakor says that he has communicated with the creature using Wild Empathy, and that it is relatively benign, if extremely territorial. The party also learns that the villagers offer the creature tribute (by dropping or throwing it into the lake) on a weekly basis, ranging from food and trinkets to gold coins and precious gems; that each villager pays their tribute individually; and that this practice has been going on for almost three hundred years. It is said that large and valuable tributes to the Guardian will grant the blessing of Gozreh, and that the village has thrived on a steady flow of the purest waters from beneath the ground for as long as the tradition has existed.

Small Village

Available Shopping:
(3) Qaal Feather Token Swan Boat
(3) Qaal Feather Token Tree
(1) Scroll of Control Weather
(1) Scroll of Control Wind
(3) Scroll of Control Water
(6) Scroll of Water Breathing
(6) Scroll of Touch of the Sea
Holly Wreath 5700
(3) Pearls of Power I (1000)
(2) Pearls of Power II (4000)
(1) Pearl of Power III (9000)
Canoes – 50gp each – sail downriver at double overland speed or upriver at normal speed
Any mundane supplies that would make sense to be in a village of about 250 people.

Druid spellcasting IS available. Maakor possesses the requisite divine focus for Reincarnate and Restoration, and if he is helpful to the PCs he will offer his services for 5000gp (or double the standard price of CL x SL x 10gp + material component cost of any other spell). If he is friendly, then he only asks for standard spellcasting fare.


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