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FIGHT ME! – Cleared, but Giu is at full power and willing to fight again.

Scout by Land or Air: the river flowing from south to north is the only apparent noteworthy feature of this area is the river flowing from south to north across the plains. Low grass holds the morning dew well, and this area is teeming with wildlife. You encounter the tracks of a single horse here.


As the PCs move across the grasslands, they notice from the west a lone horseman approaching at full gallop (Perception DC 5). From what you see, he is a lightly armored Tian man armed with a longbow and a quarterstaff on his back. If the PCs do not respond to his hasty approach with hostility, he dives off his horse in his eagerness to reach them – tumbling the last 10 feet and landing prostrate 15ft from the furthest of the PCs. Otherwise he leaps from his horse whooping in glee at the PCs eagerness to fight (his Devoted Guardian ability allows him to act in the surprise round, even while surprised).

“Great warriors! I have traveled from the far reaches of Tian Xia to join you all in this great tournament of battle, but I have arrived too late. Please, I ask only for your forgiveness in this endeavor, but heed my selfish request!”

At this, the little man springs to his feat with surprising alacrity, dropping into a combat stance and draws what is now apparent to be a solid length of adamantine that you had previously mistaken for a quarterstaff, brandishing it in a single hand as it grows to nearly twenty feet in length, and shouts.


Giu Quan
Fighter 10 / Sohei Monk 2
Initiative 12 (Dex7 + Improved Init4 + Sohei 1)
AC 25 (touch 23, FF 12); Deflect Arrows
Attack: +2 Adamantine Extending Quarterstaff (reach 15-25) +15 (1d6
or Flurry of Blows 16/16/11/6 (1d6+16) (AC -3 as he drops Combat Expertise)
CMB (Trip) +19
CMD 35 (39 vs. trip)
Saves: Fort +13, Ref +14 (Evasion), Will +9

Feats: Weapon Focus; Weapon Specialization; Combat Reflexes; Combat Patrol; Improved Unarmed Strike; Deflect Arrows; Quarterstaff Master; Tripping Staff; Improved Trip; Greater Trip; Disruptive; Improved Initiative; Pin Down; Combat Expertise; SpellBreaker; Power Attack

Abilities STR 18 DEX 24 CON 18 INT 10 WIS 16 CHA 10


Giu Quan immediately extends his quarterstaff to twenty feet long and sets up a Combat Patrol. He threatens the 5ft ring around him with his free hand and unarmed strike, as well as the 15ft-25ft ring around himself with the pole. He gets 8 Attacks of Opportunity per round, which he uses first to trip opponents, then to attack them for nonlethal damage (the -4 and +4 canceling out). Disruptive and Spellbreaker means that Casting Defensively gets a +4 DC and he gets an attack of opportunity on a fail, and Pin Down means that he gets an attack on 5ft steps, which he uses to trip his foe and gain an extra attack of opportunity due to Greater Trip. Quarterstaff Master allows him to use his staff in one hand, in order to keep his off hand free for deflect arrows. He uses his attack of opportunity when people stand to hit them, knowing that they should not be able to do anything too dangerous with their standard actions.

If PCs resort to lethal force against him, or a mage is lucky enough to get a spell past his Disruptive feat, he responds by stepping to an area where the other two PCs are still within his reach, then uses flurry of blows to trip and deal appropriate retaliation (nonlethal spells are retaliated against with nonlethal damage).

If the PCs make no hostile motion towards him, his eagerness is visibly strained, as (DC15 Sense Motive) he believes that he may have committed some egregious faux pas. If no offensive action is taken against him for three rounds, and no one moves towards him or away from him (triggering AoO), he down and falls to the ground begging for forgiveness.


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