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Bloodsucking Gorge – now a smoking, fiery ruin due to TEAM KRAKEN

Sinkhole Rules
Scout by Land (no DC): There is a sinkhole gulley that a bunch of trees have sunk into. They have long since died and are currently decomposing. Something shiny glints from a tangle of briars and mulch at the bottom of the gorge.
Scout by Air: The foliage here is incredibly thick. It’s impossible to see below the tree line.
The gorge itself is an 6-square-diameter sinkhole that functions as quicksand, with a difficult-terrain slope leading down for 2 squares on every side. The moment that a PC nears the sinkole, 2 assassin vines that are at the bottom of the sinkhole attempt to entangle and attack the PC, while a bloodhaze mosquito swarm emerges from the decay, their spawning ground, to join in the bloodsucking frenzy.

Assassin Vines (3): http://www.d20pfsrd.com/bestiary/monster-listings/plants/assassin-vine
Bloodhaze Mosquito Swarm: http://www.d20pfsrd.com/bestiary/monster-listings/vermin/mosquito-swarm/mosquito-swarm-bloodhaze

Caught on a branch in the sinkhole is a skeleton wearing a backpack which holds 3 thunderstones, 4 flasks of acid, 4 alchemist’s fires, a tindertwig, a wayfinder, a moth-eaten travel journal that grants the players a +2 bonus to survival checks while in the forest, a masterwork whip.

At the very bottom of the sinkhole is a +1 spell-storing rapier and a magnificent hat made of the finest Tien silks with a band of displacer beast leather, with the feather of a Shelynite azata in the brim, worth 1500 gp.


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