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A Muddy Affair
DC 5 Scout by Air or Land: Holy hell is it muddy. Crazy muddy. Really muddy.
DC 25 Knowledge: The Planes: This is too much mud to happen naturally in this time of year. Something is conjuring this.
This hex is just a huge tract of sludge with the occasional tree, allowing the mudmen free reign of travel and thus making them more difficult than they would typically be. The mudmen and elementals travel freely through the difficult terrain, the mudmen harrying PCs while the elementals attack.

Huge Mud Elementals (2)

Advanced Mudmen (6)
Add 4 health, add 2 attack, add 2 damage


In the mud and only visible via a detect magic followed by a DC 15 survival check, are:
5 potions of cure serious wounds
A wand of hydraulic torrent, CL 8th, 8 charges
A wand of cure light wounds, CL 1st, 32 charges
A belt of foraging
A (mildly tarnished) pair of treasure hunter’s goggles


Totally Not GG TwoDee