Elf Village

Scout by Land: This lush and fertile area of the forest seems to be extremely healthy and is teeming with wildlife. (DC 25 Survival) You find traces of a hunting party that has passed through here recently. (The village is protected by druidic magic, and is usually impossible to locate without a guide, the PCs are just lucky, I guess)

Scout by Air: It is next to impossible to make out anything other than the sparkling clean strem flowing to from north to south. (DC 30 Perception) You see, hidden amongst the trees a short distance from the river, an elven community almost perfectly hidden in the trees.


As you wander through the trees, the foliage eventually separates and you stumble onto the bank of a small stream. Across the water is a young elf girl poking into the river with a stick who looks up at you in surprise before fleeing. As you

If the PCs cross the stream and move towards the village, they are faced with a pair of watchmen in dark red leafy armor stepping up to bar their path. But before the guards can speak, a cry of “Stop! Thief!” erupts from behind the guards in Elven as a white-haired elf woman wearing black leather armor and what looks like at least twenty knives is seen jumping to the ground from a tree that must serve as the village center. As the apparent thief sprints towards you, she effortlessly tumbles past the guards, her eyes focused on the river to your back. In one hand she holds a sack slung over her shoulder, in the other hand, she is holding a large wooden box.

Merisiel, the thief, starts initiative 50ft away from the PCs, who are themselves a further 30 ft from the river. She attempts to sprint past the PCs (relying on her Mobility feat to bring her AC up) and get to the river, where she unfolds her Folding Boat on round 2 and begins to sail it downstream on round 3. The boat moves at a speed of 30ft at first, then accelerates at 10 ft per round up to 60ft. If the players let her go, a Perception or Sense Motive check of DC 15 allows the successful PC to see her wink at him/her, and then notice faint splooshing noise as she drops a “present” in the river for them to retrieve later. If the PCs attempt to stop her, she uses the Scout rogue archetype’s ability to gain Sneak Attack damage after 10ft of movement to pepper the PCs with thrown knives as she flees. Merisiel hopes that bringing down one PC will give her the opening she needs to complete her escape.

Conclusion: If the PC’s let Merisiel escape, she leaves the Stormlure in the river for them, as mentioned above. If Merisiel is subdued or killed, the owner of the hunter’s lodge in town eventually meets them down at the dock with a half dozen stoic elven guards behind him and introduces himsel as Taladrul Alludrin. He is extremely grateful to the PCs and willing to tell them all about the surrounding areas, offers them a safe and secretive night’s rest, and will give them a 20% discount on the Goggles of Night, Boots of Lightning Leaping, and the Stormlure, which were all stolen from the magical item shop run by his wife. If the PCs kill Merisiel and flee the village, these are in her Bag of Holding. Otherwise, if the PCs fail to stop her, the elves thank them for their effort, offer them a meal and a night’s rest, the opportunity to peruse what remains of their magical and mundane goods, and then politely ask them to leave the next day.

If the party contains any Humans or Half-Orcs, the majority of the village shuns them, even if they caught Merisiel and returned her stolen goods – they are not welcome in the village no matter what their good intentions may be, but one of the half-elf guardsmen is able to apologize for the rest of the city’s distrust, and notes that if a non human/half-orc enters the city without their companions, they will be accepted, if not fully trusted and the shopkeepers will be willing to buy and sell items from those people alone.

Merisiel – Female Elf Rogue 12
CN Medium humanoid (elf)
Init +10; Senses low-light vision; Perception +17

AC 24, touch 18, flat-footed 24 (6 armor, +2 deflection, +5 Dex, +1 dodge)
hp 105 (12d8
Fort +9, Ref +17, Will +7; +2 vs. enchantments
Defensive Abilities improved evasion, improved uncanny dodge, trap sense +4; Immune sleep

Speed 30 ft.
Melee 1 rapier +19/14 (1d6+6/15–20)
Ranged mwk dagger 16/11 (1d4+3/19–20)
Special Attacks sneak attack +6d6

Str 17, Dex 22, Con 14, Int 10, Wis 10, Cha 12
Base Atk +9; CMB +12; CMD 31
Feats Dodge, Improved Initiative, Mobility, Point-Blank Shot, Quick Draw, Toughness, Weapon Finesse, Weapon Focus (rapier)
Skills Acrobatics +26, Bluff +16, Climb +18, Disable Device +23, Knowledge (local) +15, Perception +17, Sleight of Hand +21, Stealth +21
SQ rogue talents (bleeding attack +6, combat trick, fast stealth, improved evasion, surprise attack, weapon training), trapfinding +6, weapon familiarity

Loot oil of silence (2), potions of cure serious wounds (3), potion of fly, potions of invisibility (2), acid, alchemist’s fire, tanglefoot bag; +3 studded leather, +2 buckler, +1 keen rapier, masterwork daggers (12), bag of holding (type I), belt of dexterity +2, boots of elvenkind, cloak of resistance +2, ring of protection +2, universal solvent, backpack, hooded lantern, masterwork thieves’ tools, oil (5), silk rope (50 ft.), 266 gp, Folding Boat


Rey’alla – River Home
Large Town
Population 2,500 (80% elf, 10% half-elf, 8% gnome, 2% human)
Purchase Limit, 15,000gp

Notable NPCs
Taladrul Allurin – CG Elf Innkeeper and council elder (Expert 7; extremely lazy and doesn’t pay attention)
Tem Riiti – CG Gnome Wizard (Wizard 5 – Taladrul wife; actually gets all the work done; Obsession: Helpfulness!)
Aious Izardan – N Elf Druid and council elder (Druid 6; Plant companion on shoulder)
Alex Crispwell – LN Half-Elf (Shield Ranger 7; Slightly tired of his job)

Scrolls: (Default 1 each)
Expeditious Retreat 25gp
Shocking Grasp 25 gp
Obscuring Mist 25 gp
Touch of the Sea 25 gp
Owl’s Wisdom 150 gp
Disguise Other 150 gp
False Life 150 gp
Invisibility 375gp
Dispel Magic (CL5) 375gp
Arcane Lock 375gp
Sending 700 gp
Potions/Oils: (Default 1 each)
Cure Light Wounds 50 gp (5)
Cure Moderate Wounds 300 gp (5)
Resist Energy, Fire 300gp
Resist Energy, Acid 300gp
Warp Wood 300gp
Touch of the Sea 50gp

Masterwork Longsword
Masterwork Rapier
Masterwork Elven Curve Blade
Masterwork Bows
Elven Canoes (Move Action – travel 2 hexes across a river instead of 1) (1,000gp each)
Elven tree tents (team may camp above the ground in trees, making coup de grace essentially impossible without magical flight due to their hammock-like nature)

Cloak of Elvenkind (1)
Boots of Elvenkind (1)
Elven Chainmail +1 (1)
+1 Adaptive Longbow (3)
+3 Adaptive Longbow (1)
+1 Human Bane Arrows (10) (160gp each)
+1 Orc Bane Arrows (10) (160gp each)
Goggles of Night (12,000gp) 20% discount = 9,600gp
Shoes of Lightning Leaping (10,500gp) 20% discount = 8,400gp
StormLure (5,400) 20% discount = 4,320gp
Eagle Cape (7,000gp)
Bracers of Steadiness (2,000gp)
Wand of Cure Light Wounds 50 (750)
Pearl of Power (2nd) (4,000)
Elixer of Hiding (250gp)
Rod of Silent Spell, Lesser (3,000)
Rod of Quicken Spell, Lesser (16,000)


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