Scout by air: This section of the forest is dense with trees, but you think you make out a small river through the leaves.

Scout by Land: The forest here is dark, sometimes requiring a torch even in the daylight (unless scout has lowlight vision).

You come to a section of the forest that is thick with cobwebs and smaller spiders. (these are actually a part of the Deathweb’s body and a few return to the main body to warn it of the intruders) As you cut and burn your way through the dark grove the small spiders increase in density, and even though they are innumerable, they all sit silently, even as you approach to squish them. Ask the PCs to provide light in order to continue deeper. As you cut your way through a particularly thick section of web, you find yourselves in a small clearing thats been covered in webbing (roll perception against Deathweb’s stealth of +16). Your eyes pan up to see a monsterous spider whose body is teaming with small arachnid.
If the Deathweb wins initiative, by roll or surprise, it spends its first action webbing the portal by which the PCs entered its arena. (flavor note, its web ability is actually it spitting a preposterous amount of smaller spiders that cover the PC and work together to wrap the him/her in webs.) If one of the PCs acts first, it targets that PC and then continues to the most opportune target (Int 7). Finally it uses the underside of the deep tree cover and its climb speed to stay 5 ft above as many PCs as possible. (Replace Awesome Blow and Improved Bull Rush with Dodge and Mobility). The Arena is considered darkness and should be about a 30 foot radius clearing with a pillar covered in webbing in the center. If the PCs want to escape, the walls are web, (hardness 3, 11 hp)

A number of adveneturers and hunters have fallen to the deathweb, and with enough search the PCs can find one of just about any adventuring gear (within reason).
amongst the corpses are also a Wand of Cure Light Wounds 11 charges, 2 rings of Protection +1 and a +1 dagger. Finally a DC 15 Perception check notices that the pillar of web in the center is actually a statue of Desna. Should a PC clear it off, she blesses him or her with a +2 Sacred Bonus on initiative and toward any environmental effects (treat as Endurance).


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