Indiana Jones
Signs marked with the insignia of Gorum’s Gambit point the PC’s to a huge circular door leading down a flight of 100 stairs. At the bottom is a 15′×15′ room with a sign, a pedestal, a Adamamtine vase, and a closed adamantine porculis. The Adamantine vase with an gold steele depicting warriors throughout time (primitive, Azlanti, Thasalonian, Jistkan, and finally Taldan) looks to weigh a solid 40 lbs and is entirely non-magical. The sign reads “Our Lord In Iron Provides You With Gold, Show Your Mettle.” Should the PCs lift the Vase, the challenge begins. The PCs Roll initiative as normal, the bolder the PCs immediately hear coming has a +0 initiative. From here on out roll as a chase scene (creativity is welcome, but the walls are made of iron). The bolder starts 4 spaces behind and deals 16d6 damage to each PC it passes. Each turn the PCs can choose to sprint, providing a +2 bonus to Strength or Dex based checks and saves, or attempt a creative solution (which may bypass the check entirely, provide a +4, or fail based on GM discretion). The Character holding the Vase recieves a -2 on all checks until he puts it in a bag as an action. (the adamantine vase can be dropped and will survive, but the PCs will have to work their way back through)

Delay = loss of next turn, but pass through space
Retry = no loss of turn, but must retry space

VEGEPIGMIES WITH DARTS Poison Darts: Attack roll 14 deals 1d64 and Poison (Giant Wasp and Large Scorpion, but Cure 1 saves, save as if one poison)
JUMP DC 15 Acrobatics, 10 ft drop (delay)
SWINGING LOG TRAP DC 16 Reflex Save negates 2d8 dmg and prone from swinging logs (delay)
INVISIBLE WALKWAY DC 15 Will save to disbelieve (Retry at 4 if ally succeeds in your vision)
DON’T STEP ON THE EYES DC 17 Perception to see Apache foottraps in the wooden floor (
13 attack, entangles, providing a minus 2 on subsequent skill checks.
SNAKE +15 attack (Poison—injury; save Fort DC 17; frequency 1/round for 6 rounds; effect 1d2 Con; cure 1 save.)
INCLINE OF FIRE DC 15 Climb check with a DC 17 reflex save to avoid 3d6 fire damage (failed Climb results in retry)
CROCODILES DC 18 Acrobatics or 1d6 dgm and Delay
Finally the PCs are blinded by the daylight as they run into open air, and fall 50 ft into the 30ft deep water below. (Swim checks against drowning)

The Vase itself sells for 6730gp (exactly enough for a Raise Dead/Restoration Combo).
Furthermore, inside it are a scroll of each spell.


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