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Scout by Land: Looking around everywhere you see broken branches/trees/bushes, DC15 perception check notices bodies(of animals) on the ground. (DC 15 Heal to notice most are Not dead only Unconscious). A DC 20 Survival Check notices that the broken scenery would be appropriate for a large Bipedal Creature.
Scout by Air: From above you see straight tracks along which you can see broken branches. DC 15 Perception check notices animal bodies strewn across the clearing.
This clearing is the play area of “Tiny” and “Sir Rider”, Tiny is a Degenerate ogre who just wants to play with anything that moves. He found the Half Ogre whom he calls “Sir Rider”, Strapped him to his back and has been “Playing” Horse ever since. “Sir Rider” expressed concern that they were hurting all of the animals that they were running across(literaly) which caused concern for Tiny. To solve this problem He wrapped Pillows around his feat, and to the front of “Sir Rider”s lance (the lance is +1 Merciful, and Tiny has a +1 Merciful Amulet of Mighty Fists)

Upon seeing anything that moves, Tiny yells out in Ogre “PLAY TIME”, and Sir Rider tries to warn the players to run. Sir Rider Uses Ride By Attack only (one does not argue with an ogre when they tell you to play), and will not take Opportunity Attacks.

Battle Strategy: Tiny uses a full round charge action to trample(total movement of 130ft). Any player whose square tiny moves across may either take an attack of opportunity(against tiny or rider) or try a reflex save for half damage. This attack deals 3d6+18 non lethal Damage(reflex DC 26 Reflex Save for half). At any point use Wheeling charge to turn 90 degrees(move 10 before or after) and Sir Rider makes one attack at 18 for 2d81d6+27 Non Lethal Damage

The first time the ogre is Hit in a round Mounted charge goes off (21 Ride Check against attack role)
First time ogre makes a save in a round Indomitable mount goes off (
21 Ride Check agains save DC)

If the Players manage to take down Tiny, “Sir Rider” surrenders and just asks that they please untie him. If they do he takes them to a small hideaway where he has stashed (in addition to the loot below) 5000 GP he had before he was taken by the ogre.

If all of the players are knocked unconscious, they wake up at the start of the next 8 hour cycle at 0 HP each. they find a note saying “Apologies for that…I have tried to talk him down before. Really he just wants to play, Hopefully the attached package makes up for the inconvenience He caused you -signed rider” Attached is a wand of cure light wounds(feel free to substitute for potions if its early and your team doesn’t have an ability to cast the wand)


Sir Rider

+1 Merciful Lance
Merciful Amulet of Mighty Fists
Belt of Dex +2


Totally Not GG N0S13NM