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Food’s Up, Boys!

Scout by Land or Air (DC 20): The nearby waterfall seems to have a cave behind it, in which dark shapes periodically move, obscured by the water. Periodically a humanoid shape topples from the top of the waterfall, but seems to disappear before it hits the bottom.

As the PCs approach through the shallow, running water (the only approach to the waterfall), a system of bells jingle and a throaty voice yells “LUNCHTIME!” A net apparatus extends from the middle of the waterfall and catches a falling corpse, which is retracted to behind the waterfall. The ghouls then come out to retrieve the body. If the PCs made no attempt at stealth, then the ghouls do not activate the system and instead wait for them to come close to ambush. The three ringleaders care little for the unlives of the normal lacedons, and primarily use them as flank-buddies.

Lacedon Ringleaders (3, add aquatic template and 30ft swim speed, subtract AC by 2 each as they do not have Rings of Protection): http://www.d20pfsrd.com/bestiary/unique-monsters/cr-6/yarresh
Lacedons (7): http://www.d20pfsrd.com/bestiary/monster-listings/undead/ghoul/ghoul-aquatic-lacedon

The small cave hideout contains innumerable sets of bones, 24 peasants’ outfits, 5 explorer’s outfits, a cold-weather outfit, a warm-weather outfit, a courtier’s outfit, assorted but scuffed jewelry worth 830 gp in total, 5 daggers, 2 sets of mundane leather armor, a ladder, 3 nets, 2 bells, 50 feet of silk rope, and a ring of climbing.


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