The forest here is thick and dark, preventing any real arial scouting, but ground scouting reveals twisted disemboweled and dissected creatures pinned to trees. DC 22 Knowledge Dungeoneering check lets the PC’s know there must be a Derro nearby.

The PC’s come upon the Derro’s hut. The Derro fixates on an item or body part of GM discretion and refuses to let the PC’s leave until they trade him for a lead lined quiver with viridium arrows and bolts. With a DC 10 Bluff or Diplomacy check, the PC’s can literally rob the insane creature blind by convincing him to trade any of his loot except his ring of protection +1 for useless but obscure magical items. If the PC’s attack the Derro calls for “Professor!” and begins initiative as a large four armed fleshy thing appears from the brush behind the Derro, complete with tux, top hat and monocle.


Vreeg Derro Necromancer

Lead Lined quiver with 10 Viridium Arrows and 10 Viridium Bolts
4 vials of Sovereign Glue
Combat Gear wand of ghoul touch (44 charges), blue whinnis (5 doses; save Fort DC 14, frequency 1/round for 2 rounds, initial effect 1 Con damage, secondary effect unconsciousness for 1d3 hours, cure 1 save); Other Gear masterwork dagger, robe of bones (human skeleton, goblin zombie, human zombie), ring of protection 1, Surgeon’s Vest,
The Golem’s monocle is actually a lense of detection. (
5 Sense Motive and Perception)
The Golem’s Cumberbun is a Serpent Belt.


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