Old Crone (Nanny Aug)
By air or land: Deeply forested area with game, in one area signs of human life lead you to an old hut with smoke rising from the chimney.

The old hut, though ragged, seems almost inviting with the delicious scent of cooking meat wafting through the air. There is a second, smaller hut in back that probably serves as a pantry with a glyph of warding keyed to alarm. (If the PC’s enter the hut or other wise touch it, the witch is alerted to their presence). The old woman within the hut is very friendly, but a bit off (DC 15 heal Check reveals mild insanity) and welcomes the PC’s inside, (roll Behind Screen DC 22 Will Saves against Mind Fog for all who enter the hut). The woman claims to be unaware of the Gambit, since she lives out in the boonies and otherwise attempts to maintain the charade of the old woman (Sense Motive 23 at -10 if failed against Mind Fog). She also offers to brew potions and scribe scrolls for the PC’s.

After feeding the PC’s a delicious meal of human and elf saute which applies Fox’s Cunning, the witch insists that the PC’s help clean up the plates and take one another’s most valuable possessions!!! (Cast Envious Urge)

See your Drive (old crone pdf)
The Crone opens with Wreath of Blades and quickened Shield, and uses her quicked rod on either ligtning bolt or vampiric touch after that while casting her Ice Tomb Hex and other High Level Spells where appropriate. If the PC’s attempt to leave the hut through the door, they are struck with symbol of stunning. If the Crone reaches 25 hp she casts heal. If the crone reaches 25 Hp again she attempts to surrender, offering everything in her house and her services as a potion brewer so long as they leave her meat. Her ice teleport is linked to the meathouse outside full of frozen humans and elves for later consumption.

Quickened Metamagic Rod Lesser
Corset of Dire Witchcraft
2 Brooms of Flying (Cursed)

DC20 Perception to find Hidden Closet:
Broom of Flying
6 Potions of Cure Critical
1 Potion of False Life
1 Potion of See Invisibility (30 mins)
3 Potions of Heroism


Totally Not GG N0S13NM