What the Fuck is That???

Scout by Air or ground: this deserted wasteland has nothing but sand, shrubbery, and the occasional crater.

As you traverse this barren wasteland, you begin to hear a grainy sound in the distance. Upon closer investigation you come across a robot, spouting unknown words in an unknown language standing over a chest.

If the PC’s wait for 60 seconds or more, it spouts out, in common, “Do not touch the chest, it doesn’t belong to you.” and then continues its gibberish. (any PC’s who speak more than one language can then deliberate that it is repeating the phrase in many languages.

If the PC’s touch the robot or the chest the Myrmidon springs into action.

The Myrmidon is an object and therefore takes half damage from ranged attacks and magic damage (barring sonic and force). Its hardness also applies to all attacks as DR/Adamantine or Energy Resistance
Furthermore, The 2d10 fire damage Intigrated Rifle can be looted and fired, but not sold. Such a looted Rifle is treated as a wondrous item dealing 2d10 damage as a ray (ranged touch attack).

It only fires its one rocket if it can hit all 3 PC’s and also be out of the blast radius.
3 oils of Overland Flight (see J09 for ruling)


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