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West Quarter of Tymon

This quarter of the city is primarily composed of the industrial sector. Players may buy and sell magical arms and armor here by spending an action phase. Allow players to consult the list of available armors here: Tymon West Quarter – Magic Arms and Armor


There is a 25% chance that the team is marked by a trio of Halfling cutpurses (Rogue 5, Rogue 5, and Cleric 5 with Luck and Trickery domains) that attempt to steal either the party’s most powerful magical item (as determined by the Wizard’s Detect Magic spell) or the party’s Bag of Holding/Handy Haversack/Portable Hole. If the party has already encountered the cutpurses, then they do not reappear. If the PCs kill the cutpurses, another (identical) group is still capable of menacing other teams.

The first rogue will approach the players disguised as a human child begger (DC 31 Perception to spot the disguise) asking for change. He makes a Bluff check at +14 to Feint against the bag carrier’s 10 + base attack + WIS or 10 + Sense Motive. (5 ranks + 3 CHA + 3 Trained + 3 Skill Focus)

Either way, the similarly disguised next rogue makes a Sleight of Hand check of +19 (Touch of Luck = roll twice take higher) opposed by the carrier’s Perception check. (5 ranks + 4 DEX + 3 Trained + 3 Skill Focus + 4 Team Pickpocketing.)

Both Rogues have an Escape Artist check of +12, assisted by their Cleric friend with Liberating Command. The Cleric waits on the sidelines and helps assist his friends with Touch of Luck, and if necessary, illusions to help cover their escape. The rogues attempt to flee rather than fight if a confrontation is forced. As soon as possible, the Cleric casts Nondetection on the item in question.

Halfling Rogue 5
Initiative +8, Perception +9

HP 25
AC 19 10 + 3 + 4 + 1 + 1 buckler
CMD 16

Attack: Feint, then Dagger +8 1d3 + 3d6 Sneak Attack
Traits: Fleet Footed

Halfling Cleric 5 of Calistria
Initiative +3, Perception +12

HP 25
AC 20
CMD 15
Domain Ability: Copycat (move action create an illusory double)
Spell: Sanctuary (before potential battle)
Spell: Invisibility (on self, then on bag holder)
Spell: Nondetection (on bag holder)


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