Do you smell what the Roc is cooking?

Scout by Air: the Roc gets a perception check against the PC’s stealth +10 unless he is actively stealthing. If successful, the Roc makes a pass at the PC flying within its territory. Make a single bite attack. (It is a warning and the Roc retreats after making its presence known, but will retaliate if fully antagonized).

Scout by Land: the screams of what appears to be gigantic eagle (knowledge nature DC 24 reveals them to originate from a Roc) can be heard from miles around.

The PC’s should be made aware with a DC 10 appraise check that a Roc egg, though man sized, sells for 4000 gp on the market.
With a DC 20 survival check or DC 20 Perception check to follow the sounds of the Roc, the PCs can track the beast to its nest. When encountered here, the Roc fights to the death to protect its young, and will pre-emptively attack PCs it spots within 100 ft of its tree. Its nest is on a 100 foot tall tree in a small 50 ft radius clearing with light tree cover beyond that (a few large trees). The Roc alternates between dives and flyby attacks, and the trees provide cover from the Roc, but also provide cover for the Roc. Alternatively, the PCs could attempt aerial combat. If in aerial combat, every other round, a gust of high wind occurs, forcing fly checks for medium or smaller creatures.

Treasure: 2 Roc Eggs, worth 8000gp total.


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