Scout: The mountains here are rugged and steep, with a few dark caverns that may hold danger or treasure

The dark abyss of a cavern stretches for hundreds of feet in, requiring light past the first room. A DC 15 Survival catches the scent of death, wafting from the recesses of the cavern. Should the PCs follow their nose, or fail the check, they notice small, batlike creatures fleeing from their light. If the party fires at the creature, (AC 16, hp 11) or relies on darkvision with a DC 23 perception they get a good look at an executioner’s hood and can identify it with a DC 18 Knowledge dungeoneering. A DC 20 knowledge dungeoneering reveals that it is part of a larger category of abberations known as Lurking Rays, and they grow very, very big, hunting by disguising themselves as dungeon walls. Should the PCs continue still, they recieve a Perception Check against the Trapper’s stealth in a rocky enfironment. If the PCs got the check, the monster rolls its stealth (+27), if they did not, it takes 20 providing a Perception DC of 47.

The Trapper attacks with its young, all the smaller hoods aid another to provide the Trapper a + 8 to its grapple, but it takes a -20 so as not to incur the penalties to grappling, resulting in a total 13 CMB while Grappling. Furthermore reduce its slam and constrict damage to 3d610.

Phylactery of Positive Channeling
Rod of Splendor
Cloak of Resistance +3
Ruined nobles garb
Elven Chainmail +2


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