Nethys’ House
Scout: a well traveled road skirting a river passes through this relatively uninhabited, yet safe plain.

On the side of the river, between it and the road, there is a small stone cottage (about four hundred square ft) with a small man in robes on the porch beckoning to the PCs. As they approach, his coffee cup lifts off of the table and bonks him upside the head, at which point he begins yelling at it until it settles back down.

“Sorry about that, she gets a little uppity sometimes. Gatspur Artino Flutterbottom’s the name, and crafting constructs is my game! Come inside, I’ve got a proposal for you fine adventurers, and a hot meal to boot!” With that, Gatspur runs into his home, teacup in tow, and sits down to eat.

Due to his potion of glibness, the PCs have no chance of figuring out his plans, but a sense motive of the situation reveals that the gnome has something up his sleeves.

DC 20 Perception check, notes that the furniture moves from time to time providing a +5 bonus on the checks below.
A DC 10 Knowledge religion reveals the Nethys holy symbols scattered around the home’s decor and a DC 20 Knowledge religion reveals Gatspur to be a powerful oracle (success on the Preception check reveals his curse)

Over the meal, which the gnome eats heartily whether or not the PC’s join him, Gatspur proposes a challenge to the PCs. Should they defeat his construct, they will receive his Magical Cape and Magical Rod (Cape of the Montebank and Rod of Wonder Respectively). Should they be defeated, he wagers against a number of their items totalling a buy price of around 11,500 gp (If the PC’s don’t have that much, he will settle for less). He staunchly refuses to let them see the construct first but will offer them safe haven in his home if they need more incentive (the house is warded at night with a glyph of warding and alarm spells but the gnome will not fight on the party’s behalf himself because the “Black One doesn’t take kindly to interference.”

Should the PC’s decline, the teacup beats them out of the house, dealing no damage and bypassing the encounter as Gatspur apologizes profusely while asking them to return if they change their minds. Should they accept (or break the teacup which houses the Haunted oracle’s dead wifes spirit, prompting the gnome to skip the toast), Gatspur offers a toast, lifting his teacup, “To the challenge!!” With that, the gnome disappears in a fizzle of smoke (using his cape). Six seconds later, the house rumbles to life, roll initiative!

Each round, three random pieces of furniture attack the PCs (slam 5 1d63 w/ trip CMB + 7)
and the House makes a trample, while moving up ten feet. When defeated, the house drops, inflicting fall damage = to the relevant height, breaking all remaining furniture inside. If any PCs insisted on remaining outside, they watch as it flies away shaking violently with their friends in tow.

animated object (gargantuan) CR 9
XP 6,400
N Gargantuan construct
Init -2 Senses darkvision 60, low-light vision; Perception -5

AC 18, touch 4, flat-footed 18 (-2 Dex, 14 natural, -4 size)
hp 115 (10d10
60 size)
Fort +3, Ref +1, Will -2
Defensive Abilities hardness 8 Immune Construct Traits

Speed 30 ft., Fly 30 ft (poor)
Melee slam 20 (2d621)
Trample (DC 29, 2d6+21) (Counts as Extremely violent motion while casting Concentrate: 20 + spell level)

Str 38, Dex 6, Con , Int -, Wis 1, Cha 1
Base Atk +10 CMB +28 CMD 36
Should the PC’s win, they find the Rod of Wonder amongst the rubble and the gnome willingly turns over his cape with congratulations. (unless he was antagonized at which point he word of recalls to Tymon to lament his lost teacup).


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