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Ogre Barn
Scout by Land or Air DC 10 or 5, respectively: Atop a hill in the middle of a rotten, defunct wheat field is an old, rotted barn.
Perception DC 25: the barn merely appears to be rotted; it’s actually been well upkept, and is quite dry.
The Gorum’s Gambit judges have outsourced this encounter to Chuckwood Bogger, a particularly awful ogre patriarch. Patriarch is, of course, a subjective term, given that he is accused of doing to his family the same as he does to his other, human victims: killing them in cruelly creative ways. Chuckwood is hiding under a huge bale of hay in the center of the barn (Perception DC 30 to spot small, uncovered bits of him), holding in his grubby fist a burlap sack filled with tindertwigs. Chuckwood is sitting on a pressure plate that keeps the barn doors spring-loaded open (Perception 20 to see the springs on the doors if investigated) and opens up the surprise round on 2 or 3 PCs (not 1) by setting the barn ablaze and letting the doors slam shut before entering rage.

The barn is 6*8 squares (with each door 4 squares wide on the “6” ends, counting as heavy wooden doors in thickness) and filled with wheat and grain dust, causing it to immediately come aflame. The damage scales each round like so:

1d4 fire damage→1d6→1d8→1d10→1d12→3d6→3d8—building collapse, functioning as a cave-in that then burns in the opposite direction, 3d6→1d12, etc.

Chuckwood Bogger
Treat as Jaagrath Kreeg, but wearing a ring of fire resistance, and his ogre hook is +1 vicious instead of +1 humanbane, except the vicious does fire instead of negative energy damage: http://www.d20pfsrd.com/bestiary/unique-monsters/cr-10/jaagrath-kreeg


Chuckwood carries a +1 vicious (variant) ogre hook, bracers of armor +2, belt of giant strength +4, and 4 potions of cure serious wounds

Also hidden beneath a trapdoor (perception 15 after the barn has been torched) is a human-sized set of otyugh hide and 4 vials of kaava musk.


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