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Absentee Wizard’s Shack
Scout by Land (DC 20): Smoke is coming from the top of one of the cliffs in this mountainous territory.
Scout by Air (DC 15): A cozy-looking shack sits on an outcropping, only visible from above. A large statue of an armored warrior stands in front of the shack, in the middle of an herb garden.
Detect Magic: The smoke is an illusion, not real smoke.

The only door to the shack is through the herb garden, and is placed intentionally: the golem is programmed to attack anyone who enters the herb garden without speaking the phrase “cease hostilities” in Elven first. The door to the shack is locked and reinforced (Disable Device DC 25, Break DC 25) and there is a note stapled to it. The note reads, in common, “I’m out doing research, so please wait if you want to schedule an appointment. If you wish to help yourself to the herbs, feel free.” It then triggers a Sepia Snake Sigil with a DC of 18 and a time of 1d4+9 days.

Stone Golem (1)

The garden outside has plants that constitute 5 days’ worth of food, in addition to a Hollywreath Band_.

Inside, the shack is a cozy, temperature-controlled affair with one bed, and contains a blank spellbook, a wand of magic missile (33 charges, caster level 7th), and scrolls of the following spells, one each, all at CL 7th: Dispel Magic, Polypurpose Panacea, Fireball, Lightning Bolt, Silent Image, Cone of Cold, Animate Rope, Expeditious Excavation, and Clairvoyance/Clairaudience.


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