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Bandit Outriders

Scout by Land: The terrain here begins to slope down to the south, and the gently sloping hills limit your line of sight to a few hundred feet away at any point. As you move through the grasslands, you notice a stretch of trampled grass and dirt (DC 13 Survival) that is easily identifiable as at least five horse tracks. (DC 20) Noticing a small plume of light smoke, you are able to follow the tracks to what looks to be a cam

Scout by Air: (no DC) A small caravan is camping on the ground below you – you see five men in various armors across as many steeds (DC 20 Perception) in addition to that, you spot two more scouts circling the camp.


If the PCs move into the territory, one of the Scouts makes a Survival check to find their tracks – usually against a very low static DC (he has a +19 Survival check after Ranger bonuses to track). If he locates the party, he will report back to camp while trying to avoid them and the commander will rally all the outriders still scouting with an enormous horn blast that the PCs can hear for miles away.

Half an hour later, the bandits form a cavalry line and ride over the hills at the PCs. There are eight in total – The leader is a Cavalier 7 human man named Walhart, a remarkably charismatic and intelligent leader, who has handpicked his legion of allies expressly for the purpose of riding down travelers and tourists in Tymon for Gorum’s Gambit. However, he did not expect to encounter actual members of the Gambit, and while he feels confident in his men’s ability to fight, the PCs may still be able to talk him down.

As the PCs are traveling over a nearby hill, they see one of the scouts riding towards them under a white banner – he intends to parley and ask for the PCs surrender, but carries a signal horn in one hand. “Halt travelers! You are entering the domain of Walhart and his mighty outriders! Surrender your coin and supplies, and we will let you leave with your heads and whatever is left on your shoulders.” A DC 10 Perception check notes that the stones hanging from the scout’s armor and weapon in several places are Thunderstones – there are four in total dangling from strips of leather on his person that would trigger if he were to fall of his steed.

If the PCs are able and willing to give the scout at least 2,000gp in coinage, art, and supplies (not magical items) IN ADDITION to their bags of holding and whatever might be in them, the scout tells them to continue on with the blessings of Walhart and his band of now-merry men, and blows a long note on his horn. If the PCs attack him, have them roll initiative (the scout is expecting a fight). The Scout will begin the fight by making a full withdraw while blowing his signal horn, and the rest of the bandits (2 scouts, 3 cavaliers in full plate, and Walhart with a spear and riding a rhino of all things) charge over an adjacent hill about 100ft away from the PCs.

3 Scouts:
Human Ranger 5
HP 40
AC 22
Saves: Fort 7, Refl +7, Will +4
Attacks: +1 Composite Longbow +9/
4 (1d8+8) (Point Blank, Mounted Archery)
Feats: Mounted Combat (Ride check +14), Mounted Archery, Strong Bond, Deadly Aim, Point Blank
Abilities: STR 16, DEX 18, CON 14, INT 8, WIS 12, CHA 8

The Scouts all ride their horses in circles around the PCs, preventing any escape and picking off the most vulnerable looking of the lot. They run through and then out of Point Blank Range while making a Full Attack action with their bow.

3 Gendarmes:
Human Cavalier 5
HP 40
AC 26
Saves: Fort 7, Refl +4, Will +7
Attacks: +1 Longsword, Battleaxe, or Flail +12 (2d8
18) (Charge, Power Attack, Spirited Charge, Trample)
Attacks: 1 Weapon +8 (1d89)
Overrun (using horse’s stats): 16, success by 5 or more means target is knocked prone and horse gets a free hoof attack at +7 for 1d45 damage.

The Gendarmes charge in at the PCs with their weapons drawn and shields readied. They lack the Ride-By Attack feat, so their tactics are to engage quickly and then Overrun through their chosen target to trample them, and then repeat.

Human Beast Rider Cavalier 7
HP 60
AC 25
Saves: Fort 9, Refl +5, Will +8
Attacks: +1 Spear +15 (2d8
2d6+18) (Spirited Charge, Power Attack)

Walhart’s Rhino mount
42 HP
AC 16
Saves: Fort 10, Ref +4, Will +2
Attacks: Trample (4d6
9 to everything in move path) DC 20 Reflex to halve or take an attack of opportunity at a -4 penalty.

Walhart spends his turns attempting to control his wild steed, which, as an untrained non-animal companion, requires a move action, but as a summoned creature from his Tan bag of Tricks never fails. He must still make a DC 20 Ride check (he has a +8 to this check, including penalties for riding bareback on an unconventional mount). On a success, he is able to trample the PCs AND make his spear attack, but on a failure, only the Rhino is able to trample.


7 1 Weapons, 3 Masterwork Breastplates, 3 Masterwork Full Plates, Rhino Hide Armor (2 Hide Armor boosts charge damage by +2d6), Tan Bag of Tricks. Seven combat-trained heavy warhorses. (Walhart’s horse is just over the hill and has no rider – he dismounted it in favor of the Rhino)

If the PCs follow the horse tracks back to the bandit camp, they find all of the goods gathered by the outriders up to this point. There is a total of 3,492gp in assorted coinage from as far away as Vudra, and personal effects worth in sum total a further 820 gp. There is also 30 days worth of food (trail rations, fresh produce, hunted game), 15 days worth of water in barrels, and an enormous sledge that it can all be loaded on. (If the Sledge is attached to a horse, it can drag the load behind it without slowing the PCs down overly much.)


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