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Hit Me If You Can

DM Notes
Scout by air: This enormous caldera lake is overflowing with crystal clear water with no apparent source. A rocky beach provides sporadic cover down to the waterline, and a high cliff face on the northern side of the lake stretches several hundred feet further up. Also add info from Scout by Ground.

Scout by ground: The rocky shoreline is idyllic, save for the long-picked-clean corpse of a Huge-sized Dragon. On a small rocky island in the center of a lake, a man who appears to be over 20 feet tall meditates.

[DC 20 Perception] Inside the man, in the same meditative position, is a gaunt and frail Half-Elf. [DC 15 Knowledge: Planes or auto-succeed if the party has a Summoner] The enormous man is in fact an outsider, an Eidolon.

[DC 20 Knowledge: Planes or DC 15 for a summoner] This is a kind of summoner known as a Synthesist. Rather than summon an eidolon to serve by his side, the synthesist fuses his eidolon’s essence to his own. Instead of two creatures, the synthesist is a fusion of the summoner and eidolon into a single being.

GM Only

About 45-50k worth of loot


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