Haunted House
Scout: atop the empty hills of this wide highlands a lone black house stands silent.

The house is creaky and rickety, groaning in the wind as the PCs approach through a path in the rows of long flax that covers the hills in this area. The door to this apparently empty home is ajar. As the PCs enter, the house appears to be normal, though drafty. It is well furnished, the heads of a few large plains creatures are mounted on walls, a nice leather couch, a table, set and ready, but no food is on the table. Upstairs, in the loft, there is a single bedroom. the door creaks open slowly revealing a queen sized bed, a mahogony armoire and dresser, and a round gold framed mirror sit in the room, completely covered in blood. The sheets and pillows are drowned in red and the stench of death, but atop them all lies three corpses, one missing its head and two missing everything from the waist up.
Simply by walking up to the corpses, the PCs can note that even the corpse in the center, body in tact, appears to be missing its entrails. If they do, then a DC 25 Knowledge Religion check can be made, allowing the players to recognize the remains as the leavings of a Eastern variant of Vampire and its thralls known as Penanggalen and Manananggal.

If the PCs search the house a DC 15 Perception check finds a trapdoor into the basement from the kitchen, opening into a dark, damp cellar. If the PCs enter with light, as soon as the first one touches ground, one of two Mananangal casts darkness and the Penanggalen casts Misfortune while cackling madly
The Penanggalen casts Mage Armor on itself and its allies upon hearing the PCs upstairs, so increase its AC by 4 and remove all of its first level spells.
The Mirror upstairs is actually a Mirror of Mental Prowess but even if the PCs discover this, it is useless until the PCs retrieve the command words, written down on a note found by scouring the basement. This particular mirror is dimensionally bound as if it were an immovable rod, but no command word exsists to move it. Furthermore, if the portal is used, the return portal is not conjured as per the usual item. Instead the PCs are stuck on the other side of the portal. The portal may be used to look at any encounter area or campsite of any hex the PCs have encountered or camp in. If an enemy team is currently encountering the encounter in that hex (either the PCs didnt defeat it or it resets) they can see the PCs there and use the portal to surprise them mid-combat. Alternatively the PCs can use the portal in conjunction with a map to end up in a hex of their choice, but splash rules apply due to uncerainty of landmarks.

3 Vials containing disgusting water. Heal check reveals that the nearby rats died of Blister Phage


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