Scout by Air or Land (DC 10): The mountainside is easily climbable and riddled with caves.

If the PCs decide to explore the caves they discover a cave with thin passages. On exploration they find that the thin passages are almost mazelike in nature and covered in runes that, with a DC 15 knowledge history or linguistics can be recognized as a form of cycloptic.

eventually, they encounter

Falling Bell Trap CR 5

Type mechanical; Perception DC 20; Disable Device DC 20
Trigger manual; Reset repair
Effect Falling bronze bell, targets 1d4 characters, Atk +15 (6d6 bludgeoning damage).

The trap wakes the Stygira who wait in ambush, if the trap is disabled properly, the Stygira are asleep in their cavern unless it is night time.

If the PC’s remain in the cave proper or rest in this hex at all, the 3 Stygira ambush them in the night.

The Stygira open combat by throwing an emerald that summon’s a Large Earth Elemental

Exiting the cave will require a dc 22 survival check or the party becomes lost

Be sure to keep track of the curse in the event that the party is lost for multiple hours.
2,500 gp brilliant green emerald that is left behind by the dispersed earth elemental
1100 gp Small Diamond
1000 gp Saphire
500 gp Aquamarine


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