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Frost Giant Patrol
Scout by Land (no check): This is a sheer slope where a glacier melts out into a swiftly-flowing river. The land is almost completely without vegetation, mostly consisting of rocks worn smooth with time.
Scout by Air (DC 15 perception): There are two giant-sized tents up on the glacier top.
As the PCs pass by a cliff edge, they are assailed by two frost giants. “Look, Ulfgarr,” one calls to the other, “slaves!” “No, Hjalman,” counters the other, “food!” The two of them laugh jovially as they brandish their greataxes.

The frost giants do not take advantage of the cliffside unless they are losing, in which case they attempt to bull rush PCs off. The cliff edge is a 90 foot drop.

Frost Giants (2): http://www.d20pfsrd.com/bestiary/monster-listings/humanoids/giants/giant-true/giant-frost
Between their bags, the giants carry two large greataxes, two large suits of furs, a ring of sustenance, a human skull with two 250gp opals in its eyes, a masterwork composite longbow (3 STR), a masterwork earthbreaker, an elemental metamagic rod (cold), 35 gold pieces, and a flank of dried mammoth that would probably last the party two days. They also have full sets of large-sized camping gear.


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