Town of Greyside – N Small Town

The town of Greyside is a small farming village of about 1300 people. It is normally fairly sleepy, but with the tourism boom of Gorum’s Gambit it has boomed in size dramatically. As the PCs approach the tents, they are greeted by a crowd of farmers, tourists, and merchants filtering out of taverns, fields, and what looks like an outdoor circus.

The crowds are primarily made of extremely helpful village folk, but a Perception check DC 5 does note the extremely irate babbling gnome ringmaster (Yimni Zushergal, Bard 15) from the circus your arrival interrupted earlier.

The PCs are welcome to peruse the town’s magical items and shop or sell as they will given the town’s current economy, but at night, wherever the PCs are, the gnome ringmaster follows them under cover of invisibility until they are in a relatively public place, at which he begins his show.

Boots of Striding and Springing 5,500
Girdle of Ant Haul 2,000
Longarm Bracers 7,200 (3/day extend reach by 5ft for 1 round, weapon attacks at -4 hit, no penalty for unarmed and natural attacks.
Scabbard of Vigor
Bag of Holding
Sovereign Glue
+1 Dry Pistol of proficiency 10,000 (pistol protected by constant Air Bubble; auto-proficiency)
Figurine of Wondrous Power 16,500 (Golden Lions) (summon a pair of adult lions – if slain, cannot be summoned for 1 week)
Potions of Cure Light Wounds (50gp)
Potions of Cure Moderate Wounds (300gp)
Potions of Lesser Restoration (300gp)
Potions of Energy Resistance (300gp)
Potions of Mage Armor (50gp)
Potions of Barksin +2 (300gp)

While still invisible, the gnome casts Message to whisper to the three PCs, “I promise that you aren’t in any real danger, but you will be if you don’t play along. Don’t worry about wondering whether to run, you wouldn’t want to disappoint our audience would you?” A second later, he casts Ghost Sound to augment his voice over the entire town.
“Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls of all ages! Please direct your attention to the intersection of Main and Chestnut way for a truly unique show starring none other than the glorious champions of Gorum’s Gambit… TEAAAM _________!!!”

At this, the square that the PCs are in bursts into Daylight and crowds of villagers come pouring out of taverns, townhouses, and the tent forts set up around the city. Before the PCs can react or take any actions, nearly a hundred people are paying attention to them in the center of their spotlight, and several moments thereafter, an entire mob has formed to form a relatively solid ring around the PCs.

“Just follow my cues and play along to the story! It’ll be fun!” At this, the gnome casts Major Image to create an illusion of himself grandstanding before the PCs facing the audience. If a PC attacks the illusion, he manipulates the illusions in such a way as to cover it before continuing, louder now,

“Tonight, we have a special performance for you all to enjoy! Our illustrious adventurers have agreed to help me in a once in a lifetime performance of the Pathfinder’s heroic expedition to recover the great cannon Worldbreaker, built two millennia ago, lost in the sixth Taldan army of exploration to the Gorilla King of the Mwangi Jungles, TONIGHT our heroes will venture through time and space and beyond your wildest imaginations to recover that which has been lost since before even the founding of Tymon! (DC 15 reveals this to be false – Tymon was founded in the fifth army of exploration).” Applause breaks out from the audience, and Yimni turns to the PCs.

“Our story of wonder and excitement begins in Absolom, largest city in the world and home of the Grand Lodge – where three of the best field agents available to the league of intrepid explorers are readying for their expedition by undergoing a rigorous training regiment!”

At this, illusory whirling training dummies are summoned around the PCs. With a successful 15 Perform (act) or Bluff check (with a +5 bonus to the check from Yimni’s Inspire Competence), the PCs can react to the whirling dummies naturally as Yimni casts Greater Invisibility on himself and makes either a disarm or trip attempt at each of the PCs with a +17 bonus.

After the audience has finished ooh-ing and aww-ing, or at the very least after they have finished laughing, Yimni continues, allowing the relative success or failure of the first round determine the relative tone of the rest of his performance.

“Having suitably prepared themselves to face the horrid four-armed monkey-demons of the Mwangi, our heroes leap through the blazing gate of arcane power directly to the city Usaro, lost city of the Silverback King!”

At this, the PCs are beckoned to leap through a ring of fire floating in the air, requiring a 15 Acrobatics check to land gracefully. Those that fail the check are hit with Faerie Fire as the flames of the ring light the player on harmless illuminating stage fire. If the performance is dramatic, the flames explode into wisps around the affected player, blown away by conjured arcane power, but in the case of a comedic performance, they stay with the player. Either way, the players are faced by the visage of an enormous, deadly looking Gorilla monster standing beside an illusory cannon nearly twenty feet tall.

“Tremble before the might of Angezahn in its full form!” Booms a tremendous voice from off “stage”. “The great bombard is ours! We have mastered it and improved upon it! Behold, the wrath of the jungle in all its glory!”

With a tremendous explosion, the Cannon fires Yimni’s prized dire lion and the small stage monkey riding it at the PCs. The Dire Lion is under the effects of Greater Heroism, granting it +15 HP and a +4 to every roll it makes. Both the PCs and the Lion are under the effect of a Bardic Performance granting them the Stage Combat feat – allowing them to attack for nonlethal damage at no penalty.


At the conclusion of the battle either way, Yimni does his best to heal any PC downed by the Lion, and all five of them take a bow to the audience before Yimni collects money from the audience.

Conclusion: If the PCs end up skipping out on the performance early, they receive no reward and the attitude of the villagers may decrease from helpful by varying degrees, as appropriate. Otherwise, Yimni thanks the PCs for their participation, sweeping a broad arc in the ground in front of him with his top hat and offers them a few valuable items from his personal collection for free, “for being such good sports about it all.”

Bracers of the Glib Entertainer (+5 Perform, 1/day Glibness)
Potion of Invisibility
Wand of Cure Moderate Wounds (50)

With that, he spins around and departs, never to be seen again.



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