Festival of the Pumpkins
The PCs come across a small farming community all apparently having the day off (this encounter can still occur at night). There apears to be a festival occurring in honor of Razmir. Be sure to mention the 15 ft wide pumpkin on center stage. If questioned about the nature of a festival the masked men putting it on respond that the glory of Razmir knows no borders (semse motive DC 15 smells something fishy though) and the peasants are simply content with the free food and games. The PCs may compete in any of the games below, but start the encounter in the middle of an event if time appears to be of essence (or if two PCs are occupied by the three legged race)

Raven Fights: bet up to 10 gp on one of 8 ravens, roll 1d8 to determine the winner
Clawfoot, Foolscap, Greediguts, Grizzle, Snaphaunce, Soot, Vinegar Tom, and Wormwort

Falling Stars: Saul Lupescu, the town’s smith and trader, produces an aged wooden box containing six old, rusty daggers. While he prepares for the contest, he explains with reverence their significance as weapons carried by the village’s founder, Iola Kriegler. Up to eight contestants take turns throwing the six daggers at bales of hay at distances of 20, 60, and 100 feet, with the most sticks winning the contest. The bales have AC 12 for the purpose of a hit sticking in the bale, but remember to account for range penalties for the 60-foot and 100-foot targets. Winner among the PCs who easily beat out the commoners gets a Pot of Cure Light Wounds.

Three-Legged Race: Pairs of runners have their adjacent legs bound together with rope, and must run a 150-foot race against other similarly bound contestants to compete for bragging rights. Coordination is difficult, and entwined runners only get a single move action each round. The runners can move together at half speed (using the slowest runner’s speed) with no skill check, but moving at full speed requires each contestant to succeed at a DC 10 Acrobatics check. The runners can move at double speed, but must both succeed at a DC 15 Acrobatics check. If either runner fails any check by 5 or more, both runners fall prone. In order to rise, both contestants must make a DC 10 Acrobatics check as a move action. Resolve this race between as many pairs of
PCs as you wish and three pairs of villagers (all of whom have Acrobatics +0).

The Razmirian cultists yell “DEATH TO THE HERETICS!” animating the harvest pumpkin and the rest of the patch just before running toward the Razmiran border. They Pumpkins all grow terrifying jagged mouths, devouring the commoners as they try to flee. The PCs should encounter the largest pumpkin and 4 Jack-o-Lanturns

The villagers reward the PCs with free rest, but can’t offer any reward as the PCs just smashed the harvest, though there is plenty of pumpkin stew to be had. A few of the uncontrollable beasts turned on their Rasmiran masters and the dead cultists belongings are presented to the PCs.

3 Cloaks of Resistance +2
12,000 GP
AURA moderate transmutation CL 8th WEIGHT
When this ring is worn, the wielder’s skin attains a barely
perceptible sheen. In practical terms, the wearer ignores
the first 5 points of an object’s hardness when performing
a sunder combat maneuver or when smashing an object.
She also does not take the standard –4 penalty for making a
combat maneuver check to disarm while unarmed.
Additionally, the ring’s wearer can focus all of the ring’s
power, possibly repelling a devastating blow. Once per day,
when a critical hit or sneak attack is scored on the wearer,
there is a 50% chance that the critical hit or sneak attack is
negated and damage is instead rolled normally. Using this
ability is an immediate action, and the wearer must decide to
use it before the critical hit or sneak attack damage is rolled.
Forge Ring, stone fist, stoneskin


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