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The Pale Stranger
DC 5 scout by land or air: The hills here are barren and dead, symptomatic of that they’re near to the border with Ustalav and its cursed terrain.
DC 15 knowledge: nature or survival: There are signs of camp around, as though someone is living here.

Troy McCall is a gunslinger from Alkenstar who died approximately 30 years ago in Ustalav, not that he noticed much. He cheerily invites the PCs to make camp with him, offers them some roasted varmint, and makes conversation about his time as a Shieldmarshal before he moved up north to “see what all the hullabaloo was about.”

He happily shares information about surrounding hexes, and feeds the PCs fresh and weirdly well-cooked food whenever they care to share camp with him. He doesn’t involve himself in Gorum’s Gambit PvP, claiming that “the last time I involved myself in a feud I quite nearly bit the bullet, so ta speak.”

The one thing that Troy McCall will not abide is being called dead. In such an instance, he becomes incredulous and pulls iron, and if not immediately placated with a DC 25 diplomacy check, he starts spitting lead.

Troy McCall
As the Pale Stranger, but advanced: +2 to everything, and 30 additional hit points.

Efficient Quiver
Deadshot Vest
3 potions of true strike
Wand of Inflict Serious Wounds with 8 charges
2 +1 pistols
Gunman’s Duster
Grim Lantern


Totally Not GG N0S13NM