Scout by Land – The terrain here slopes upwards to the north, the rolling hills beginning to coalesce into sharper, rockier crags. (Perception DC 20) Of interest in your scouting, you notice a cave that periodically flickers with light, as if some powerful magic or other source of light is periodically discharging.

Scout by Air – (same as Land)


This area is fairly safe to sleep in or traverse, but PCs will pass by the aforementioned cave of sparking power at some point during their journey. At night, the flickering lightning can be seen reflected off of the light cloud cover.

Should the PCs investigate the cave complex, they are faced with an amazing sight. Hidden inside what appeared to be an ordinary stone cave mouth a mere five feet high and twenty wide is a clearly manufactured slope that descends into an enormous open chamber roughly three hundred feet in diameter and covered in scientific laboratory equipment consisting of boxes, Continual Flame lamps on poles, miscellaneous human parts, and basic living quarters in the back of the cave. In the middle of the room is an odd looking man bent over an enormous humanoid strapped to a medical chair, which seems to be the central crux of the strange devices in the ceiling. More relevantly, you see six purple bird like humanoids with filthy claws and wings each held in its own cramped iron cage hanging from the ceiling in a hexagon pattern around the room. The birds are twirling and dancing and beating their wings and screeching, but they look exhausted, as if they have been doing this for hours on end. (DC 19 Kn: Planes reveals these six creatures to be Vrocks – powerful demons of the Abyss. If a DC 20 is reached, read aloud the Dance of Ruin power before other abilities), but note that the exhaustion and pain the Vrocks are under has likely weakened them immensely. A DC 25 Perception check spots painted white summoning circles under the Vrock cages.

(Set the room up on a 1 square = 10ft grid if necessary – the large distances are important spaces to keep track of. Provide scattered cover for PCs to hide behind in order to protect against the six vrocks all dancing in a hexagonal pattern arrayed around the room. The Vrocks can not leave their Cold Iron cages or their summoning circles, and are being compelled to dance constantly. Every round, two of the Vrocks on opposite sides of the room detonate their dance – dealing 4d6 damage in a 200ft burst centered on the chair in the center of the room and filling the majority of the chamber.

As the PCs enter the cave, a blinding flash of electricity arcs from two of the Vrock cages on opposite sides of the room, flooding the entire chamber with crackling lightning that seems to be drawn through the conductive copper plating to the humanoid in the medical chair, who jerks violently, but silently, as the man above him seems unperturbed by the clearly lethal electrical arcs coursing through and around him. Allow the doctor to make a perception check to spot the intruders as they enter his cave. If he makes a DC 15, he spots them as they enter before they reach any cover for them to hide behind and make a real stealth check.

A DC 15 Kn: Engineering check reveals that the iron struts across the ceiling are meant to conduct electricity away from the vrocks and into the figure on the table. (DC 17 identifies the creature as a Flesh Golem (DC 20 )If they were damaged, the electrical buildup could melt the Vrocks’ cages and partially free them.

As soon as the fight begins, the Wizard casts Stoneskin on himself and pulls a lever on the medical table, releasing its restraints. With an unintelligible cry of pain and anger, the flesh golem begins by charging the PCs headfirst while the wizard runs towards the far Vrock cage shouting at the demon “Kill the intruders and protect my work, and I will free you!”. He then spends his next round arguing and shouting at the demon, while making a DC 20 Diplomacy check. If successful, he spends his next round freeing the demon, which joins the fray.

Use the stats of the SRD, but apply 3 negative levels to the Vrocks as their life energy has been drained by the Wizard’s experiments. This means that they have -15 hp, -3 to all rolls, and their abilities trigger at CL -3 and -3 save DC.

Animator Wizard
Level 10 Elf Wizard
60 HP (DR 10/Adamantine)
AC 18
Saves: Fort +6, Reflex +6, Will +9
CMD 17
CMB +5
Relevant Spells: (DC = 17 + Spell Level)
5th –
4th – Stoneskin, Aqueous Orb
3rd – Lightning Bolt (x2), Solid Fog



The Wizard has on him:
Scroll of Wall of Iron
Scroll of Lightning Bolt
Headband of INT +4 keyed to Spellcraft and Kn: Arcana
Ring of Electricity Resistance 10
Rod of Thunder and Lightning

  • +2 Light Mace
  • 1/day Lightning Stroke: Lightning Bolt 9d6 Reflex save DC 16 range 200ft
  • 1/day Lightning Jolt: +2d6 electricity damage on melee attack, extra damage is still dealt on a miss
  • 1/day Thunder: +3 light mace for one round, strike stuns on DC 16 Fort save
  • 1/day Thunderclap: Shout-like effect deals 2d6 Sonic damage to a cone, DC 16 Fort save negates 2d6 rounds of Deafen.
  • 1/week Thunder and Lightning – As Lightning Stroke, but Thunderclap also applies to everyone within 10ft of the lightning bolt (including those within the lightning bolt).


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