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Alkenstar’s Import
Scout by Land (no check): this is a desolate mountain, taller than all its southeastern surroundings, with something large, black, and looming at the top of it.
Scout by Air (DC 15 CON check if physically flying up to get up that high): there is a huge metal tube on a series of clockwork struts and pivots at the very top of the mountain, surrounded by a fortified wall and with a small log cabin next to it.
Knowledge (architecture and engineering) DC 15: That is the largest goddamn cannon you have ever seen. You’d guess it has a bore diameter of 40 inches, and the runic sigils on the gigantic cannonballs suggest that they’re no ordinary projectiles.

This truly, spectacularly massive cannon has what essentially amounts to a cockpit at the back, with a rope bridge leading up to it and filled with dials, knobs, and levers that allow it to aim. A magnificently massive telescopic sight mounts the great big bastard, magnifying to such fine detail that individual people can be made out in Tymon. An instruction manual lets the user know how to operate the cannon, and is signed:

Alkenstar came through at the last minute for the Gorum’s Gambit competition, although the zeppelin certainly didn’t come cheap. Here are the rules: don’t shoot at towns, don’t shoot at Tymon. Everything else is fair game. The cannon should do most of the aiming for you.

The cannon is inside its own little fortress with 20 foot walls and an iron door that can be locked from the inside. Inside the fortress is a log cabin, in which sit three comfortable beds, a kitchen stocked with about 5 days of fresh food, and a desk with a map of the province on top. In the desk drawer is a +1 pistol.

Each day, instead of a day action, the party can choose to scout with the cannon, and fire the cannon if they wish. The operator can use perception to “scout from air” any five tiles in the red zone on the map, which also alerts the user if one of the five chosen tiles holds a rival team. From there, the operator can make a ranged attack at -4 with an AC of 10: if the attack misses, roll 1d6 to determine which adjacent tile is randomly shelled instead. All relevant creatures in the hex (namely monsters and rival players) are subject to a DC 20 reflex save for half damage: the total damage is 6d6 piercing damage and 6d6 fire damage. If the operator is firing into an active combat, the gun takes three rounds to reload. If PCs are actively fleeing the gun (IE: attempting to run off the battle map to leave combat), the reflex save is DC 15, reflex negates; 3d6 piercing and 3d6 fire damage. The gun has five shots in total, and then it is used up.



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